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Protect yourself – be aware of the new Ontario uninsured vehicle regulations

Under Ontario’s new electronic Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) verification system, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) will deny plate renewals if insurance cannot be validated. This applies to:

  • private passenger automobiles class 01 – 19
  • with model year 1983 or newer
  • are owned or leased, and
  • includes vehicles registered to a Garage.

Detailed information is available here.

Non fleet and fleets not insured on a blanket basis:
If MTO does not accept the insurer’s VIN for any reason, compare the VIN on the vehicle ownership and pink slip to the number shown on the dashboard of the vehicle.

If the VIN on the dashboard matches vehicle ownership but not the pink slip, contact us immediately and provide a copy of the ownership.

If the VIN on the dashboard does not match the vehicle ownership, correct this with the MTO using their guidelines and contact us. Please provide a copy of the amended ownership.

Blanket basis fleet policies and Garages:
A Registrant Identification Number (RIN) enables MTO to associate a vehicle’s VIN and plate to the RIN. Individual VIN’s are not reported by insurers on blanket fleet policies. The insurer only reports the RIN.

It is important to ensure that all vehicles on the fleet are plated in the name associated with the RIN.  MTO has dictated that vehicles not associated with the RIN must be renewed manually through Service Ontario. An in-force pink slip showing blanket coverage must be presented at the desk along with vehicle ownership. This is also how garage plated vehicles can be renewed.