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With our flexible approach we can provide standard products or develop specific solutions with the people from your business:

Global Program Services

We are ready to meet your international service needs with the support of our global network. Whether you operate from a single location or an international enterprise, we will help you to manage risks and protect your bottom line

Zurich's Target Markets:

Risk grading and benchmarking

Understand the way Zurich evaluates risks and learn how to improve your rating.

Using the grading system we can evaluate and measure risk exposures and controls systematically and consistently, which allows us to identify vulnerabilities or weaknesses. Click here to access Zurich’s Risk Features.

For more information or to request a username and password, email riskservices@zurich.com or call 416-586-2740 to talk to your Zurich risk services representative.





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Call: 416-586-2740

Email: riskservices@zurich.com

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