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A captive is an insurance company established in the form of a stock corporation as a subsidiary of a non-insurer. Its main purpose is to assume the insurance risks of companies within their own group. Captives may be established as an insurer and directly assume risks of its parent company, or they may act as a reinsurer and assume a part or all of the parent company's risk fronted by an insurance company. A captive re/insurer may cede a part or all of the assumed risks to one or more retrocessionaire(s). 


  • Stabilizes costs
  • Possibility of improving risk management techniques
  • Extensions of insurance cover possible
  • Access to the reinsurance markets
  • Centralization of insurance management
  • Possible tax benefits
  • Control of investment strategy
  • Increased cash-flow for the parent company

Our captive management services include:

  • Start up advice
  • Administrative and management services
  • Arrangement of reinsurance
  • Risk management services