Zurich Canada complaint handling program

1. Our Commitment

Zurich Insurance Company Ltd (Canadian Branch) (hereinafter “Zurich Canada”)¹ puts the customer at the heart of what we do. Our complaint handling program is based on our code of conduct “Zurich Basics” and incorporates the following principles:

  • Credibility
  • Accessibility
  • Responsiveness
  • Efficiency 

2. Consult your Broker

If you have an insurance broker, please bring your inquiry, concern, or complaint to their attention. If your broker is unable to resolve your concern, you may request the issue be escalated to your broker’s management for further review. If your complaint cannot be resolved to your satisfaction after the management review, you may contact Zurich Canada’s Ombudsman.

3. Consult Zurich Canada

If your inquiry, concern or complaint involves the actions of a Zurich Canada employee, or that of an individual or firm acting on behalf of Zurich Canada, talk to us. Zurich Canada has a Complaint Handling Program that reflects its commitment to providing a simple, professional and timely complaint handling procedure. A copy of Zurich Canada's Complaint Handling Program is available upon request.  

Zurich Canada has a three stage complaint handling procedure:

Stage 1

Let us know

Most complaints can be resolved quickly by speaking with the appropriate
business representative.  

Should your complaint not be resolved satisfactorily and you wish to escalate 
this matter further, please ask to speak with a manager in that department.

Stage 2

Contact the Ombudsman

To request additional consideration of your complaint, you may contact the Ombudsman. 

Ombudsman Zurich Insurance Company Ltd (Canadian Branch)
100 King St. West
Suite 5500, P.O. Box 290
Toronto ON Canada, M5X 1C9


Upon receiving your complaint, our Ombudsman will provide assistance to document this matter, as appropriate, and commit to a timeline for addressing your inquiry, concern, or complaint. Should the resolution of your problem be delayed, our Ombudsman will provide you with updates on the progress of this matter. 

Stage 3

Consult a third-party dispute resolution entity

If your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction at Stage 1 and/or Stage 2, you can:

- Contact a third-party dispute resolution entity: the General Insurance Ombudservice (GIO), or   
- Contact the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC), or   
- Contact a provincial regulator for further support.

Please see section 4 for further information.



4. External Recourse

If you remain unsatisfied with our resolution process, and wish a further review of your complaint, the following organizations can provide you with information or assistance:

General Insurance OmbudService (GIO)
10 Milner Business Court, Suite 701
Toronto, Ontario M1B 3C6

Toll Free Telephone: 1-877-225-0446

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC)
Enterprise Building, 6th Floor
427 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 1B9 

Toll Free Telephone inquiries: 1-866-461-3222 (English)
1-866-461-2232 (French)

Autorité des marches financiers (AMF)
Place de la Cite, tour Cominar
2640, boulevard Laurier, bureau 400
Quebec, Québec G1V 5C1800, square Victoria, 22e etage
C.P. 246, tour de la Bourse
Montreal, Quebec H4Z 1G3

Toll Free Telephone: 1-877-525-0337

Quebec consumers may ask the Ombudsman to transfer their file to the AMF at any time if they are not satisfied with Zurich Canada's complaint handling process.

5. Provincial and Territorial Regulators 

Every province and territory regulates financial institutions and provides information and assistance to consumers who may have inquiries, concerns or complaints regarding their financial service provider. Additional information is available by using the contact information provided below:

Treasury Board and Finance  

British Columbia
Financial Institutions Commission

Financial Institutions Regulation Branch

New Brunswick
Financial and Consumer Services Commission

Newfoundland and Labrador
Consumer and Commercial Affairs Branch

Northwest Territories
Office of the Superintendent of Insurance

Nova Scotia
Financial Services Division

Government of Nunavut

Financial Services Commission of Ontario

Prince Edward Island
Consumer, Labour and Financial Services Division

Autorité des marchés financiers

Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority

Government of Yukon

1 Zurich Canada refers to: Zurich Canadian Holdings Limited, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd (Canadian Branch), and World Travel Protection Canada Inc.