Emergency Assistance Services for Zurich Canada Customers

We understand some of your employees may be impacted by the wildfires in Fort McMurray. To assist those in need, we would like to extend our Assistance Services* to all of your affected employees.

Assistance services are available 24/7 for all employees covered under Policy GTU FORTMAC.

Services available include:

  • Emergency medical referrals: Assistance Services will provide referrals with the name, address and telephone number of physicians, hospitals, clinics or pharmacists in the area where your personnel is located. Where possible, our team will schedule and confirm an appointment at a local medical facility.

  • Emergency prescription assistance: In the event your personnel have lost access to their prescribed medication, we can help arrange for a refill from a local pharmacy. The cost of the medication will be the responsibility of your personnel.

  • Emergency Messaging Program: Assistance Services can send or receive emergency messages on your personnel’s behalf. We are able to transmit messages to a wide range of recipients by phone or email, based on your personnel’s direction. Whether a simple message to family or a note to other concerned friends, we can help communicate messages as directed.

  • Travel Arrangements: Assistance Services can help your personnel make travel arrangements such as finding a hotel, renting a car, or any other travel-related arrangements. The cost of any travel arrangements made will be the responsibility of your personnel.

*Zurich’s Assistance Services are provided by World Travel Protection Canada Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Zurich Canadian Holdings Limited.

Employees can contact Zurich’s Assistance Services at:


Employees should identify themselves as an insured of Zurich Canada, Policy GTU FORTMAC