Our brand

The heart of the Zurich brand

All of our passion goes into helping our customers understand, manage and mitigate risk. Since 1872, Zurich Insurance Group has been applying our expertise and experience so that our customers can have the very best insurance protection for the things they value. This is the timeless idea and authentic truth at the heart of the Zurich brand.

Putting customers' needs at the centre of our business

For Zurich, our brand is more than just advertising or a logo: it’s about connecting better with our audiences. It's about what we do every day, through the way we communicate with our customers, with each other and with the wider world. Ultimately, our brand is a reflection of who we are as a company and is brought to life by our people in every aspect of our work.

Our global communication platform

For Zurich the message is clear. We are there for our customers when they need us to help them protect what they value most. 

Our communication platform - “For those who truly love”- helps us to connect with our audiences. This platform brings our brand to life and is based on a simple insight that when you truly love something, you want to protect it in the best possible way, with the insurance protection that only Zurich can provide.

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