Zurich Canada Commercial Insurance mobile appetite guide

A simple approach to accessing Zurich’s risk appetite

Zurich’s portfolio of risk appetites in Canada and around the world is now as close as your smartphone. Our new Zurich Risk Appetite app delivers an easily accessible view of our global appetite for risk across all industries, product lines and countries. It also provides a more complete global picture of the breadth of Zurich’s products, services, capacity, value propositions and knowledge. The tool includes local contacts, streamlined navigability and much more.

The Zurich Risk Appetite app, available on both iOS and Android operating systems for smartphones and tablets, is easy to download:

  1. Go to your mobile device’s app store.
  2. Type “Zurich Risk Appetite” in the search field.
  3. Download the app.
Our regional leadership team and broker contacts welcome the opportunity to address any questions you might have about Zurich’s risk appetite. As always, they are ready to discuss how, together, we can help our mutual customers protect themselves from risk and reach their full potential.

The Zurich logo and Zurich are trademarks of Zurich Insurance Company Ltd. This is intended as a general description of commercial markets and specialty products appetite guides. The information in these appetite guides was compiled from sources believed to be reliable for informational purposes only.  Zurich Insurance Company Ltd does not make any representation or warranty as to the accuracy and completeness of such appetite guides herein. Nothing in the appetite guides should be construed as a solicitation, offer, advice, recommendation, or any other service with regard to any type of insurance product underwritten by Zurich Insurance Company Ltd. The description of the policy provisions contained herein gives a broad overview of coverage and does not revise or amend the policy. Coverages and rates are subject to individual insured meeting our underwriting qualifications.

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