Zurich offers training to our key Canadian broker partners

January 17, 2019

Enhance your sales strategies and keep ahead of emerging risk management issues.

Bart Shachnow

Sales Performance Director

As Sales Performance Director, Bart, with the help of his team, develops and delivers a broad range... About this expert

broker training

Being a Zurich Select Broker provides many advantages, including access to senior executives, customized compensation programs, and other tailored services. Another critical benefit is broker training.

The Zurich Academy for Select Brokers® training program delivers a broad range of courses designed to help our key broker partners and their customers. The program’s benefits include these four features:

  • We offer technical/CE-accredited training programs on a broad range of insurance and risk management issues, covering topics ranging from cybersecurity risk management strategies to property insurance. We have programs that offer CE credit for U.S. and Canadian brokers. We recently delivered a program on risk-transfer strategies used in the construction industry to a major broker partner in Toronto. And we’re currently planning to deliver a CE-accredited program in Vancouver and Calgary that builds international insurance skills through a highly innovative program in which brokers are assigned to teams and compete to develop the optimal international insurance and risk management program.
  • We offer “soft skills” training on topics designed to help producers improve their sales techniques. We’ve trained our broker partners on skills like developing and articulating an effective value proposition (what you can provide that is so important and compelling that a customer feels they need those products and services, even if the price may be higher than what competitors offer).
  • We customize content to address the needs of our customers and brokers. Recently, we developed and delivered a program that reviewed changing healthcare regulations and how they would impact insurance producers.
  • Our programs can also be delivered to our customers. We’re currently developing a program designed for the risk management team of a major investment management firm based in Toronto. The firm maintains a significant portfolio of renewable energy assets and investments. Many of the loss exposures encountered in the renewable energy segment are rapidly evolving. For example, many businesses are turning to solar power as a primary or secondary source of energy. But a fire affecting a structure where solar panels have been installed can present fire fighters with a real risk of electrocution should they approach those panels. In extreme cases, fire fighters may choose to let such a structure burn to the ground rather than risk injury or death when in close proximity to those panels.

These are just a few highlights of Zurich’s training content, which is developed in consultation with our brokers and customers with a heavy emphasis on developing timely, practical and relevant material.

For more information, contact Bart Shachnow at bart.shachnow@zurichna.com .