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Zurich offers extended property and liability insurance for Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV) under 25 kilograms, commonly referred to as "drones." With coverages including physical damage, theft, and bodily injury, Zurich's drone insurance package closes a coverage gap in general liability policies that exclude aviation activity.

We are currently targeting our existing or prospective corporate and commercial insurance customers who have a drone that they use to complement their main operations. Companies with operations such as power generation, mining, or construction are examples. Smaller operators, such as photographers or videographers, are not currently on our target list of customers.

Why Zurich?

Zurich offers a range of services to help companies manage and mitigate drone-related risks. These services include access to online operations and safety training, risk management tools developed specifically for staff flying drones, updates on regulation, unique risk insights and expert advice.


  • Oil & gas
    Drones can be used for aerial inspections of equipment such as pipelines in areas that are remote or difficult to access, and for quicker response to emergency situations such as fires.
  • Communication
    Drones have been effective for examining structures like cellphone towers and broadcast antennas, eliminating the need for “tower climbers,” a notoriously dangerous profession.
  • Mining
    Drones can help conduct aerial surveys for mineral deposits or inspection of structural integrity in mine shafts.
  • Security
    Uses for drones include: aerial reconnaissance, crowd monitoring, border surveillance and a variety of similar applications.
  • Media and entertainment
    Drones can be useful in journalism, filmmaking, sports broadcasting and other applications where previously a helicopter was the only way to capture aerial images.
  • Agriculture
    Drones can help monitor crops and facilitate precise delivery of water, herbicides and pesticides where they are needed most.

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