Supply chain

Zurich's supply chain insurance and related risk assessment services are designed to help protect your profits against one of your most significant areas of risk — disruption of your supply chain.

Why Zurich?

Our coverage starts with a unique two-step risk assessment process designed to give you the insights you need to help reduce costs, improve cash flow and solidify your value chain:

  • Risk and Financial Assessment analyzes the most critical components of your supply chain you may wish to insure
  • Risk Grading Process incorporates your risk assessment data into our underwriting process

Key benefits

  • In-depth Risk and Financial Assessment helps evaluate the risks represented by key suppliers – including over-reliance on one or two vendors – to help customers better understand and mitigate supply chain interruption risks
  • An “all risks” contingent business interruption cover which is not restricted to property damage and focuses on incidents outside the insured’s control, which can cover extra expenses, lost revenue and professional accountant’s fees as a result of a disruption in your supply chain
  • Ability to transfer supply chain risks for named suppliers and specific, named supplies or components you need to operate your business, with very few exclusions
  • A pricing model which can provide customers with indicative quotes for supply chain insurance, i.e. non-physical damage cover
  • Option to defer Risk and Financial Assessment fees against the associated premiums if a customer chooses to proceed with coverage
  • Compelling captive proposition for the use of a captive in supply chain cover
  • Supply chain risk solution tools can help customers better understand and manage their supply chain and contingent business interruption exposures

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