Energy solutions

By leveraging a global energy mix combining traditional oil and gas exploration and production techniques, power generation technologies and the ongoing integration of alternative energy sources, energy providers are working hard to meet the world’s growing demand for energy.

Whether in production, processing, logistics or storage, your insurer needs to provide coverage tailored for the energy markets you serve. Zurich’s experienced energy insurance and Risk Services professionals will analyze your company's needs and the risk challenges within its segment of the energy business. Together they will work to customize an insurance and risk management program that is right for your needs.

Why Zurich?

Zurich provides coverage for the major, conventional and emerging fields of energy production with industry-leading programs that serve production and distribution.​

Energy solutions

  • Mining
    The regulations of the mining industry can seem as complicated and challenging as extracting precious resources from the earth. With more than 25 years in the mining industry, Zurich helps you navigate environmental, political and financial challenges to help your business run productively and efficiently.

    Our underwriters set the benchmark for risk gradings based on data gathered from more than 500 sites evaluated. Zurich serves qualified customers with solutions for:

    • Hard-rock mining
    • Coal mining
    • Metal/non-metal mining
    • Quarrying and solution
    • Processing facilities
    • Contractors, equipment manufacturers and distributors

    Zurich's mining solutions include:

    • Risk-engineering professionals with specialized mining experience to help customers identify key risk exposures and develop plans to help mitigate them
    • Dedicated property and casualty underwriters who focus on the mining business
    • A single point of contact who understands claims services for mining
    • Political risk insurance including market-leading coverage for expropriation, political violence, currency inconvertibility and other risks that miners face in emerging markets
    • Customer service delivered through a global network of Zurich offices and strategic partnerships in more than 200 countries and territories
  • Power generation and utilities
    To keep their lights on and businesses running, you have a responsibility to your energy customers. Collaborate with Zurich to devise plans for smart energy consumption and reliable service. Zurich specialists average more than 25 years of experience and aim to offer structured, responsive solutions to the diverse needs of utilities and power-generation customers. Our professional knowledge includes solutions for:

    • Power generation
    • Coal
    • Gas-fired
    • Hydroelectric
    • Power suppliers
    • Retail and wholesale
    • Gas and electric utilities
    • Independent power producers
    • Manufacturers and distributors
    • Plant-maintenance contractors
    • Utility-service contractors

    Our risk solutions offer:

    • Risk Services specialists with specialized, power-generation experience
    • Underwriters who focus on the utility and power-generation industries
    • Broad policy underwriting, including property damage, construction, transit coverage, and boiler and machinery
    • Failure to Supply coverage on both a primary and excess basis
    • Political risk coverage for investments or loans into emerging-market power projects including mitigation of the risks of non-payment by a government power offtaker
    • Contingent business interruption, service interruption and extensions of coverage
  • Oil and gas
    Our current energy revolution has been powered by breakthroughs in exploration, drilling and production technologies. Zurich understands the opportunities and risks of a rapidly expanding domestic oil, gas and petrochemical sector. For more than 25 years, Zurich energy professionals have focused on the rapid response and quick turnaround that have led energy pioneers to thrive. Zurich supports this ever-evolving and expanding industry with domestic and international solutions that include, but are not limited to:

    • Tailored onshore and offshore energy-property solutions, including all-risk physical damage, mechanical breakdown and business interruption, loss of production income, and Operator’s Extra Expense (Control of Well Insurance)
    • Solutions for upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas operations, from construction to refining and processing
    • Tailored drilling contractor package solutions, including physical damage, business interruption and liabilities
    • Energy casualty solutions for primary general liability, commercial auto, excess and umbrella and pollution coverage
    • Political risk coverage for oil and gas companies’ investments in emerging markets and credit coverage for their trading activities
    • A single point of contact who understands claims services under oil and gas, petrochemical and refining
    • Customer service delivered through a seamless global network of Zurich offices and strategic partnerships in more than 200 countries and territories
  • Alternative energy

    Alternative energy is the future of the power generation industry, but pursuing and developing new sources of energy can expose your business to new risks. The construction of a wind farm or solar energy facility needs a policy that fully anticipates the integration of these technologies into existing infrastructure, and in alignment with the current and future regulatory and tax environment. Zurich has experienced alternative energy specialists who focus on the legal, regulatory and financial implications related to alternative energy as well as risk specialists who understand the materials and facilities involved. In this way, Zurich aims to help alternative energy providers reduce losses and mitigate operational and financial risks.

  • International
    Even domestic energy relies on foreign components and relationships, which is why understanding the risks and local country regulations inherent in doing business abroad is vital for energy producers. Zurich is one of the leading providers of international insurance programs, with a network of international program underwriters, risk specialists and dedicated international claims specialists who can help identify challenges, design a centrally managed coverage plan, and provide a prompt response should a loss occur.

    In addition to the knowledge of our dedicated international program professionals, Zurich offers an online tool, Zurich Multinational Insurance Application (Zurich MIA), a regulatory, legal and insurance tax compliance database. The information in our database has evolved from the experience of managing more than 3,000 international programs issued locally and admitted in more than 200 countries and territories.

    Zurich also offers:

    • A portfolio of international property and foreign casualty solutions
    • Foreign primary admitted and non-admitted general liability coverages, including time-element and pollution coverage
    • Foreign admitted and excess auto liability and physical damage
    • Foreign voluntary workers’ compensation
    • Foreign admitted workers’ compensation and employer’s liability coverage for US companies