Unforeseen incidents can happen, but knowing your business is covered helps to make them more manageable when they do. Our umbrella liability solution helps align your policies and reduce gaps. When your company’s reputation is on the line, our professionals are ready to provide advice and action.

Why Zurich?

Zurich offers flexible umbrella and excess solutions designed to help reduce gaps and provide high limits of capacity up to $25 million. Zurich’s flexible umbrella form can respond to a wide array of your needs. Our excess casualty claim team consistently strives to provide superior claim services.

  • Umbrella liability
    Zurich’s umbrella policy was designed to consolidate complicated liability coverage into one simplified umbrella form, simplifying the process for both brokers and customers.

    The policy form offers insurance protection, blending excess liability insurance (Coverage A) with umbrella liability insurance (Coverage B), offering greater clarity regarding your coverage.

    Policy enhancements include:

    • Zurich Insurance Group’s primary policy’s definitions and additional insureds
    • Zurich Insurance Group’s primary policy in providing per project/per location general aggregate
    • Responding to multiple triggers 
    • Worldwide coverage where permitted
  • Excess
    Zurich’s excess liability form provides higher excess limits over scheduled primary policies to accommodate customer needs. Our policy adapts Group’s terms and conditions for the scheduled underlying primary or umbrella.

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