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Canadian executives face a wide variety of risks – ranging from regulatory scrutiny to civil litigation. Zurich's management solutions group offers products and services that allow management to make the tough decisions that may be necessary for the sustainability of their business without fear of personal loss.

Greg Irvine, Vice President, Specialty Products, Zurich Canada

The management liability environment continues to evolve as a result of increased regulatory scrutiny and new emerging exposures. Directors and officers (D&O) are tasked to take appropriate precautions to prevent and handle situations that could negatively affect business operations and protect shareholder value. Zurich’s management liability team offers solutions to the management liability exposures of public, private and non-profit organizations.

Why Zurich?

Zurich has the ability to underwrite a qualified company’s risk profile as its business evolves from private company, through initial public offering (IPO), to Fortune 1000. We have the financial and global strength to provide insurance coverages for exposures that qualified companies may face.

We have a solid understanding of the needs of our customers and take a solution oriented approach to the business. Zurich offers our qualified customers innovative, industry-leading products that help meet or possibly exceed their needs. Our wider capabilities, including international program platform and services, focus on our customers’ overall business needs, providing thought leadership and risk mitigation tools.

Management liability solutions 

  • Directors and officers
    Zurich Select™ forms offer efficient coverage options for your directors and officers, including:

    D&O Select™ for public companies
    • Protection for retired independent directors 
    • Enhanced coverage for individual insureds
    • Environmental mismanagement claims extension
    • Additional limits available for retired independent directors coverage
    • Broad definition of claim

    Private Company Select™ for private and non-profit companies 

    • Modular form: D&O, employment practices, fiduciary & crime
    • Additional limits available for retired independent directors coverage
    • Individual insured person election of discovery
    • Broad definition of claim
    • Side A non-rescindable

    Zurich’s Executive Universal Select™ (ZEUS) Side A policy  

    • Broader coverage grants and limited exclusions 
    • Advancement of defence costs
    • Option for directors and officers to purchase extended reporting period 
    • Non-rescindable coverage for additional reassurance 
    • International coverage and services in over 170 countries, tailored to local rules and regulations and compliant with premium tax obligations

    Every member of our D&O claims team has a broad understanding of the current litigation environment and knowledge of global exposures. They adhere to a set of practices that underscores Zurich’s commitment to consistently providing quality claims services, responsiveness and technical excellence.

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  • Crime
    To help your company protect its operations, Zurich can structure a crime insurance program to help meet your specific requirements. Whether the loss is from computer fraud or theft, property destruction, employee theft or forgery, Zurich has the business crime insurance to help you protect the financial stability of your company. Zurich can provide up to $25 million of commercial crime insurance coverage. This can help give you great financial defence against a lurking criminal offence.

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  • Fiduciary
    The regulatory and litigation environment for employers offering employee benefit plans and programs continues to evolve. Increased compliance enforcement, plaintiffs testing the boundaries of legal precedents, and court decisions expanding liability are putting fiduciaries' personal assets at greater risk. Zurich's fiduciary liability insurance form provides coverage for directors, officers and others with fiduciary duties for public and private companies who may become targets of allegations and investigations while managing or administrating employee savings, pension, and health and welfare plans. ​

    Coverage highlights include:

    • Duty to defend coverage with the insureds’ choice of counsel 
    • Worldwide coverage 
    • Non-cancellable except for non-payment of premium 
    • Broad definition of insurance – providing coverage for pension and welfare plans, the sponsor company and all insured persons including employees, fiduciaries and volunteers
  • Employment practice liability
    Zurich’s employment practices liability covers claims by employees against employers, including wrongful termination, failure to promote, negligent evaluation, discrimination and sexual harassment. Coverage features include: 
    • Defence cost coverage for breach of contract claims
    • Spousal/domestic partner extension
    • Third-party coverage grant 
    • Enhanced auto acquisition threshold
    • No arbitration provision
    Go beyond insurance protection by establishing proactive governance using Zurich’s risk-management services and tools.

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  • Kidnap and ransom
    Kidnap, ransom and extortion coverage provides insurance protection for your most valued employees. Zurich can cover losses resulting from unfortunate events. K&R is offered through Hiscox paper and Control Risks collaboration.

This is intended as a general description of certain types of insurance and services available to qualified customers through Zurich Insurance Company Ltd in Canada. Your policy is the contract that specifically and fully describes your coverage. The description of the policy provisions contained herein gives a broad overview of coverage and does not revise or amend the policy.

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Greg Irvine

Greg Irvine

Head of Specialty Products, Zurich Canada

As Head of Specialty Products for Zurich Canada, Greg Irvine leads a team focused on... More