Public sector

An evolving public sector means emerging risks such as climate change, aging infrastructure, the emphasis on value-based care, cost pressures and innovations in technology.​​ Learn about the insurance solutions that can cover a variety of risk. Zurich offers broad, all-lines insurance solutions tailored to your exposures with our public sector solution package to help you protect your community.

Why Zurich? 

Whether you operate within a municipality, educational institution, government or healthcare facility, Zurich offers a large and diverse portfolio of insurance products created specifically for the risks faced by public sector entities. Our dedicated team of public sector experts has more than 100 years of combined experience and will partner with you to help build and grow your community.

Public sector solutions

Zurich’s public sector solution is a package of coverages tailored to your exposures to help you get back to business quickly and protect your community. To help reduce coverage gaps and lapses, Zurich offers a wide range of program structures in one package, including property, crime, inland marine, casualty, errors and omissions, and abuse.​

  • Property
    Zurich’s proprietary property forms offer flexibility through broad coverage with numerous optional property extensions including:
    • Hacking event or computer virus attack
    • Decontamination expense
    • Blanket by-laws, increased cost of construction
    • Land improvements
    • Master key replacement
    • Proof of loss/claims preparation cost (professional fees)
    • Valuable papers and records
    Zurich offers additional property coverages including:
    • Builders risk maximum $5 million
    • Equipment breakdown
    • Optional integrated equipment breakdown coverage — combined property and boiler machinery deductibles
    • Included coverage for emergency generators, A/C systems, boiler and pressure vessels, pumps and compressors, transformers and stationary electrical equipment
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  • Crime
    Whether the loss is from computer fraud, property destruction, employee theft or forgery, we have the crime insurance to help you protect your organization. Zurich provides easy-to-understand, customizable criminal insurance solutions including:
    • Comprehensive dishonesty
    • Disappearance
    • Destruction
    Zurich can help you customize coverage that protects your organization from a variety of criminal circumstances such as:
    • Employee dishonesty
    • Loss inside and outside premises
    • Money orders and counterfeit paper currency
    • Depository forgery
    • Computer fraud and funds transfer
    • Professional fees
    • Rewards
    • Telecommunication theft
    • Unauthorized business card use
    • Transportation of property by armoured car
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  • Inland marine

    Zurich offers a wide variety of coverages, terms and services designed for inland marine transportation that address public sector customers’ needs including:

    • Mobile equipment
    • Contractors equipment
    • Scheduled property floaters
    Zurich is able to provide inland marine solutions both packaged within the property form and independent from the property coverage when appropriate.

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  • Casualty
    Protect your organization with coverage that anticipates current and emerging risks. Zurich custom casualty products provide streamlined solutions with substantial limits to meet your community’s needs. 

    Our primary casualty coverage includes:

    • Capacity up to $5  million per occurrence with multiple aggregates available
    • Commercial general liability (CGL) wordings designed for public entities
    • Crisis management expense
    • Limited professional liability services
    • Owned and non-owned watercraft (up to 16 metres)
    • Non-owned auto
    • Named insured to include elected or appointed officials, directors or executive officers, members of any of your agencies, boards or commissions, committees of council, employees, volunteer workers and student interns (only for acts within the scope of their employment by you or while performing duties related to the conduct of your business)
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  • Errors and omissions
    Human error occurs in every sector. Zurich’s specialists can offer solutions for mitigating liability exposures for a broad range of professionals on a claims made basis. Public officials errors and omissions coverages include:

    • Conflict of interest 
    • Legal expense 
    • Counsellor vs. counsellor legal expense
    • Employment practices liability (EPL) including indemnity and defence expense

    Educators legal liability errors and omissions coverage includes:

    • Employment incident aggregate
    • Defence reimbursement
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  • Abuse
    Zurich offers abuse coverage on a claims made basis up to $2  million per claim and annual aggregate.
  • Commercial auto
    Zurich’s auto solutions offer qualifying customers a policy with the capability to grow along with your public sector organization. Coverage includes:
    • Capacity up to $5 million per occurrence with higher limit available
    • Per occurrence deductible 
    • Replacement cost coverage (limitation period applies)
    • City owned and/or transit operations
    • Zurich environmental emergency response (ZEER)
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Additional coverages

Zurich offers additional coverages and enhancements for our public sector solutions package such as security and privacy, directors and officers, environmental, and construction. These enhancements can help further customize your coverage to the unique risks your organization faces.
  • Security and privacy

    The public sector collects and processes an increasing amount of data, putting sensitive information at risk. Zurich’s dedicated public sector specialists help assess, mitigate and manage risk to potentially reduce security breaches, and are industry leaders in breach insurance protection and data management solutions.

    Zurich’s security and privacy insurance protection offers:

    • Third-party coverage: Security and privacy liability coverage for regulatory proceedings with deference costs.
    • Privacy breach costs coverage (available as a first-party option): Forensic investigation expenses for an entity’s computer system to determine the cause or extent of the privacy breach, notification costs, credit and identity monitoring costs, and certain legal and public relations expenses.
    • Other first-party coverages (available as options): Business income loss and dependent business income loss coverage, digital asset replacement expense coverage and cyber extortion threat and rewards payments coverage. 
    • Access to risk management services, tools and information such as a breach coach consultation, news centre, incident roadmap, cost calculators, learning centre and Zurich Risk Services.

    > Learn more about Zurich’s security and privacy solutions

  • Directors and officers

    Zurich offers directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance that can be customized to your organization’s needs. Our coverage will protect against alleged or actual breach of duty, neglect, error, misstatement or omission. A few of the many highlights of Zurich’s D&O coverage include:

    • Additional limits for retired independent directors
    • Environmental mismanagement coverage
    • Coverage extensions for employment practices liability and fiduciary liability are available

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  • Environmental

    Investing in environmental compliance and responsibility is key to long-term success for public sector entities. Zurich offers a variety of environmental insurance solutions to handle environmental liability issues. Coverage includes:

    • Contractor’s pollution liability (CPL)
    • $25 million capacity

    Additionally, Zurich offers Z Choice™, which allows you to select only the environmental coverages you need for your property or operation — whether it’s clean-up costs, bodily injuries, business interruption, transportation or other coverages.

    > Learn more about Zurich’s environmental solutions

  • Construction

    For public sector customers facing facility updates, expansion or construction, Zurich offers optional insurance solutions through our Construction unit. Zurich offers programs that provide coverages spanning subcontractor defaults, buildings, materials and equipment protection. Zurich’s suite of insurance products create holistic, integrated solutions for construction projects of all sizes. Our owner’s controlled insurance programs coverage offers:

    • Builders risk and wrap-up liability
    • Liability for third-party claims caused by covered pollution events at project sites (Contractor’s pollution liability)
    • Liability arising out of negligence of design professionals (Owner’s protective professional indemnity)

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