Marine solutions

A lot can happen between point A and point B. At sea, on land and in the air there are numerous risks that can affect the interconnected businesses of a dynamic world economy. Zurich's marine insurance solutions help customers navigate the logistical challenges of shipping goods and materials across the country and around the globe. An assessment of your marine exposures helps Zurich create a coverage plan for your hull, transit and cargo risks that you can depend on in more than 200 countries and territories.

Why Zurich?

Zurich uses data analysis developed by an international network of risk specialists and engineers to help customers navigate the constantly evolving marine industry.

Marine solutions

  • Hull and liability
    As one of the industry’s leading commercial hull and marine liability insurers, Zurich’s underwriting knowledge, global network and substantial capacity enable us to tailor programs for customers in water transportation and maritime operations. We offer primary hull and liability coverages as well as specific excess and marine umbrella coverages, including:

    • Commercial hull and machinery
    • Protection and Indemnity
    • Ship builders risk 
    • Terminal operator’s legal liability
    • Ship repairer’s legal liability
    • Wharfinger’s legal liability
    • Stevedore’s legal liability
    • Charterer’s legal liability
    • Excess marine liabilities
  • Ocean cargo
    Zurich offers customized ocean cargo programs that insure goods in transit by sea or air from warehouse-to-warehouse. The basic ocean cargo policy covers ocean and air shipments, covering merchandise for physical loss or damage from external causes. Coverages can be expanded to include inland transit risks, including storage and processing, consignment property and goods in storage.

    Zurich’s marine cargo solution will provide each of our customers a product that includes the following:

    • Underwriting and coverage tailored for each individual risk with a focus on specific needs
    • Transit insurance covering merchandise on a warehouse-to-warehouse basis as needed
    • Enhancements to our basic ocean policy include:
      • Domestic and foreign inland transit
      • Warehousing/stock throughput
      • Processing
      • Installation
      • Delay in start-up/business interruption
    Zurich’s online ocean cargo certificate issuance system is a self-service tool that allows our customers to issue their own certificates of insurance.

    • For returning customers with a user ID and password please click this link to access the system.
    • To request access to issue ocean cargo certificates, please send an email.

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