Casualty solutions 

The potential for accident-related loss is a definitive risk your business faces. Zurich provides a broad spectrum of casualty-insurance solutions along with industry expertise that will help you mitigate risk.

Why Zurich? 

Zurich is dedicated to creating innovative and dynamic casualty insurance solutions for a wide range of industries. With your company’s assets on the line, our casualty programs provide the support you need by offering a variety of service solutions — from risk management to claims — to help mitigate the risks faced by domestic and multinational organizations.  

Casualty products

  • Domestic casualty
    Casualty insurance is an essential requirement for all business types to help manage the risks your business may face. No matter the size or industry, companies are faced with liabilities that range from the obvious to the nearly unperceivable, from slip, trip, and fall accidents, bodily injury and other damaging claims. At Zurich, we provide domestic casualty customers access to one of the broadest portfolios of products and services in the business. Whether you need general liability, commercial automobile, excess liability or any other combination of casualty solutions, Zurich helps to deliver the claims features, flexibility and savings you need. We do it by listening to your needs and tailoring a program designed to help you achieve your particular business goals. 
  • Umbrella/excess casualty
    With different casualty claims that vary in type and severity, Zurich is here to help tailor customized excess liability and umbrella insurance solutions to help safeguard against severe losses. We understand the troubling liability and reputational risks that your organization may face in today’s world. That understanding is why we offer umbrella and excess casualty solutions designed to work seamlessly with your underlying programs and to help close gaps that could leave you open to significant financial loss. 

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  • Foreign casualty
    With extensive experience in the global marketplace and a dedicated team of commercial market international underwriters, we provide casualty insurance solutions essential for your international needs, including general liability, umbrella, commercial automobile, foreign voluntary workers’ compensation and many others.

    At Zurich, our international program provides a single, consistent, multinational solution to answer property and casualty exposures in more than 200 countries and territories, with:

    • A single master policy, written in Canada, and supported by locally issued policies
    • A leading global network of underwriting, risk managers and claims professionals who deliver the services you need, everywhere you need them
    • A leading-edge global data network that connects all Zurich operations worldwide and helps provide consistent, efficient service
    • Access to Zurich's Multinational Insurance Application (MIA) database, which houses tax and regulatory information created by more than 120 law firms around the world. 
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