Private equity

Private equity practices are recognizing the value of insurance carriers to help protect revenue from changing regulatory and investment climates. Engage with our investment specialists to review the potential risks that face your firm's portfolio and innovative strategies to help secure capital assets.

Why Zurich? 

Zurich's Private Equity Group specializes in the dynamic economic, legal and regulatory coverage factors that can affect your business. Our dedicated team uses risk insights to help predict and prioritize effective responses to emerging issues. As part of the Zurich suite of insurance solutions, our approach to private equity benefits from integrated insurance coverages that can extent into property, casualty, liability and captives products and services.

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Private equity solutions

General private equity and venture capital risk management

Zurich offers the following solutions for qualified private equity or venture capital firms:

  • Fidelity bonds
  • Cyber security coverage
  • Strategic risk solutions – multi-line policies covering exposures at the firm or portfolio company / asset level
  • Alternative risk financing options
  • Captive services

Furthermore, the private equity group has access to Zurich’s vast array of property and casualty products and solutions for the risk management of your portfolio companies and assets.

Management and professional liability

  • Definition of Statutory Claim includes coverage for individual liabilities imposed by federal, provincial, or territorial laws
  • Outside directorship liability extension on a double-excess basis
  • Definition of claim includes investigations of an insured person
  • Definition of loss includes carve-back for section 130 or 130.1 of the Ontario Securities Act and sections 11, 12 and 15 of United States Securities Act of 1933
  • Definition of portfolio company includes services to prospective portfolio companies

Transactional insurance

The Zurich private equity group provides a range of important transactional insurance solutions to help private equity firms anticipate and respond to a variety of risks that may arise during the life cycle of an M&A transaction, including:

  • Representations and warranties coverage to help protect either the buyer or the seller from unanticipated losses that may occur during or after an M&A transaction, such as a suit alleging breach of contract
  • Tax liability coverage to help address historic tax uncertainties associated with a company about to be acquired or any uncertain tax position that may arise out of the transaction itself
  • Contingent liability coverage to help protect against financial loss in cases where project financing or capital infusion may be hindered by an unanticipated risk

Credit risk solutions

Zurich understands the financial risks and challenges inherent within every private equity or venture capital transaction. We help private equity firms answer those risks by providing collateral solutions tailored to specific target investment and requirements, including:

  • Tailored financial requirements and collateral solutions for private equity firms
  • Credit risk professionals with experience in private equity transactions located in some regions 
  • Access to credit risk decision makers through meetings and conference calls
  • Financing options such as flexible installment plans and letters of credit

Employment practices liability

Zurich offers employment practices liability coverage that includes independent contractors, volunteers of the insured organization, and third-party coverage. We also offer a variety of services to qualified customers that help HR professionals manage risk.

Value-added services available to qualified customers: 

  • HR Care™* ( provides access to employee law resources 
  • offers a way to deliver quality, easy-to-use employee compliance training 
  • Hotline services that feature personalized, practical, confidential advice from experienced attorneys at one of the country’s leading employment law firms 
*HR Care™ is not a subsidiary or affiliate of Zurich and use of its products and services are independent of, and not included within, Zurich’s products or services. Zurich expressly disclaims any and all damages and other costs that may arise related to the use of or reliance upon the products, services, representations or warranties made by or on behalf of HR Care™.

Fiduciary liability

  • Voluntary settlement program extension included — $100,000 sub-limit inclusive of defence costs
  • Definition of loss includes punitive, exemplary and multiple damages subject to the most favourable jurisdiction, and civil penalties 
  • Definition of loss includes civil penalties under HIPAA — $50,000 sub-limit 
  • Broad definition of plan

Fidelity bonds

The Zurich private equity group can help private equity firms protect company assets against financial loss during the course of a transaction by arranging fidelity bond coverage for the fraudulent and dishonest acts of specified individuals or employees.

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