Real estate business solutions

Risks associated with commercial real estate vary greatly across the industry — from hotels and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) to office and retail spaces. Customize an insurance solution specifically for your business and the unique risks it faces. Zurich offers a broad range of products designed to support one another to create integrated and tailored insurance solutions.

Why Zurich?

Zurich offers flexibility that goes beyond traditional coverage, and unparalleled customer service. We provide multinational property coverage, international casualty arrangements, and financial lines protection, and all of the above can be designed to fit your specific requirements. Zurich's global scope combined with local know-how means Zurich offers the peace of mind and responsiveness that you and your customers are looking for.

Real estate business solutions

  • Hotels
    Zurich offers hotels the risk guidance of property and casualty risk managers with a dedicated real estate focus. This team of experienced professionals helps manage the potential risks of growing hotel companies such as:

    • Cyber liability: As the technology becomes more complex and sophisticated in hotels, Zurich’s security and privacy insurance protection helps address issues such as protection of customer data and payment card information.
    • Slips, trips and falls: This is a serious and costly issue for both workers and guests on a hotel’s property. Having the proper workplace control measures in place can reduce the frequency of incidents and level of financial losses. 
    • Water damage: Whether the cause is a storm or negligence by an employee or guest, water can create some of the most costly damages for a hotel property. Zurich’s water damage protection program assists hotels in determining the proper engineering controls and emergency procedures to help reduce the likelihood of more severe water damage incidents.
    • Specialized property: Each hotel property has its own unique set of risks, which is why Zurich’s proprietary Protect policy offers flexible coverage options, including innkeeper’s liability, loss of master key, and ordinance or law. For global companies and large franchises, Zurich Global Corporate, has customizable products such as Zurich Global Placement and Zurich Domestic Placement which are designed to meet the specific needs of over 120 countries and territories.
  • Real estate investment trusts (REIT)
    Increased demand for high-quality real estate is driving growth for REITs both domestically and abroad. Zurich understands the risks an investment trust faces, and is experienced across all the diverse sectors a REIT may invest in, including industrial, health care, retail, office, hotel and resort.

    Our REITs operate in all sectors and regions, and have the specialized guidance and resources available to manage property and financial risks in order to expand business plans and meet goals. Zurich offers:

    • Deep understanding of D&O risks: Zurich provides REITs the benefit of corporate D&O coverage that is responsive to today’s REIT risk environment.
    • Geographically diverse coverage property: REITs have their own unique location requirements, whether in a single metropolitan area, a region, or anywhere around the globe. Zurich’s property policy, Zurich Protect®, provides for flexible coverage options, including business income loss, earth movement and flood, and bylaws and demolition coverage.
    • Coverage breadth and capacity: REITs require certain insurance protection and Zurich offers the ease of a single point of contact and a broad range of coverages. Zurich offers significant capacity including single location limits of $400 million.
  • Office, retail, and industrial
    Owners of multiple types of properties — retail, industrial and office — operate in a complex market environment. Juggling different risk issues among the multiple asset classes can be challenging. Zurich’s experienced team of real estate risk professionals help multiple asset class owners navigate their disparate risk needs through:

    • Customized coverage options: Zurich offers the ability to customize coverage to match each specific commercial real estate exposure. Our Real Estate Advantage endorsement goes beyond traditional property coverage to offer property owners many additional options including tenant relocation and replacement expense coverage, crisis event management, and emergency evacuation expense coverage. We even offer a Better Green™ property endorsement to help offset green upgrade costs.
    • Single form: The Zurich Protect® form is flexible enough to handle various solutions needed, no matter how large the number of assets or how diverse the needs.
    • Efficient claims service: Zurich’s dedicated real estate claims professionals offer expertise in premise operations exposures. Our claims team is spread throughout Canada in key geographical locations to provide quick claims reporting and resolution.
  • International exposures
    Zurich offers global expertise and coverages that span more than 200 countries and territories. Zurich’s international platform has solutions for real estate customers operating domestically and with locations abroad. Our international programs offer expanded coverages including property, general liability, auto and foreign voluntary workers’ compensation/employer’s liability.

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