Technology business insurance solutions

The technology field is evolving rapidly, with emerging trends and innovations that can change your business picture seemingly overnight. Zurich technology specialists stay current with industry advances and innovations to help you identify potential exposures and provide effective risk management solutions for a changing world.

Why Zurich?

Zurich takes a broad, multiline approach to customizing property and casualty insurance solutions for your business risks. Our coverages keep pace with a changing business environment, whether your business is electronics, information technology, communications, factory automation and clean tech.

Technology business insurance solutions

  • Errors and omissions
    Zurich’s approach to technology errors and omissions coverage is designed with innovative companies in mind. Our errors and omissions liability policy, called Zurich Pro Plus™, helps you address the evolving needs of your technology business by combining extensive insurance protection with the flexibility to choose desired coverages.

    Zurich Pro Plus™ provides limits of up to $25 million and offers qualified customers extensive insurance protection with the flexibility to choose coverage that works best for them — all in one policy:

    • Miscellaneous professional and media liability
    • Technology and media liability
    • System security and privacy liability
    • Privacy breach costs

    Potential advantages of Zurich Pro Plus™ include:

    • Automatic media liability coverage
    • Security and privacy protection coverage grants
    • The ability to cover professional liability and security and privacy exposures together under a single limit
    • Defense costs for privacy-related regulatory proceeding
    • Consumer-redress funds coverage following a privacy breach
    • 50/50 cooperation clause
    • 90-day automatic extended reporting period
    • 25 percent automatic acquisition threshold

    With enhanced endorsements, Zurich Pro Plus™ can provide an even greater array of protections to qualified customers:

    • Additional limit for defense costs
    • eDiscovery services
    • Crisis-management coverage
    • Retention-reduction options
    • Alternative dispute-resolution incentives


    For our large customers, revenue exceeding $300 million, Zurich offers customized solutions which include an enhanced version of the Zurich Pro Plus™ policy form.
  • Property and casualty
    Technology companies require an insurance program flexible enough to cover the risks they face today and help manage the risks they may face tomorrow. Zurich understands current industry trends and emerging risks, and can develop a seamless insurance solution tailored to your needs.
  • International
    We have developed one of the largest global networks in the industry, providing knowledge and services in 210 countries and territories around the world. In addition, Zurich’s proprietary multinational insurance application (MIA) helps keep your insurance program aligned with local insurance and tax regulations.

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  • Enterprise risk management
    Today, companies are redesigning operating models to reduce costs, become more efficient and condense their physical footprints. As a result, many have increased exposure to potential business-interruption losses, both in frequency and severity. Using a suite of analytical and risk-modeling tools, Zurich professionals can help provide key insights into the vulnerability of your supply chain and your potential exposure to a business interruption (BI) loss.

    • Business Interruption (BI) Assessment and Interdependency Modeling – An assessment to help understand potential BI and Contingent Business Interruption (CBI) exposures, using special mapping software to help identify and quantify the internal company supply chain and its exposures

    • Business Continuity Management (BCM) Review and Gap Analysis – Benchmarking internal or supplier BCM plans against known standards and best practices

    • Business Continuity Management (BCM) Healthcheck – Diagnostics to help identify strengths and areas for improvement, potentially yielding greater positive outcomes

    • Supply Chain Assessment and Mapping – Using proprietary risk assessment software to help customers map critical supplier and supply exposures
  • Directors and officers
    Like other corporate decision makers, technology executives are vulnerable to lawsuits. Zurich Directors and Officers (D&O) liability insurance can be customized to any organization’s needs. Zurich D&O Select® offers 75 policy enhancements and advantages for your business, including:


    • Retired independent directors protection
    • Extended reporting period
    • Enhanced Side A coverage
    • Sublimit for derivative investigation costs and outside directorship coverage
    • Expanded definitions of claims, insured persons, loss, subsidiaries and securities claims
    • Coverage for personal assets of directors and officers
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