Property solutions for large businesses

Zurich offers flexibility, capacity and services that address some of the most complex property insurance challenges for domestic and global corporate businesses in a variety of industries.

Why Zurich?

Based on the needs of your large and/or multinational business, Zurich offers policies which can be easily customized to address your coverage limit and deductibles.

Commercial property solutions

  • Customized approach
    Zurich provides a customized property approach to all industries including, but not limited to:

    • Manufacturing
    • Transportation
    • Real estate
    • Financial institutions
    • Equipment breakdown
    • Consumer goods 
    • Energy
    • Forestry
  • International programs
    Managing a multinational business demands “all risk” protection to secure operation continuity seamlessly from country to country. The Zurich Global Placement Policy is designed to set the benchmark in property insurance for customers in highly-protected risk markets. It is structured and written with a high degree of flexibility, while providing greater alignment with the applicable jurisdictions’ regulations where we provide insurance.

    We offer a wide variety of features to support businesses with a large network of properties to help them reach greater global alignment and efficient management:

    • Industry-competitive solution — Features coverages, limits and flexibility that are competitive with the leading domestic and global property forms on the market today
    • Easy to understand — The policy is written clearly, concisely and understandably in contemporary policy language, with all limits, sub-limits and other critical coverage issues incorporated within the policy declarations
    • Based on broker recommendations — A number of coverage enhancements have been implemented based on broker feedback, including the elimination of several sub-limits
    • Greater alignment with local regulationsZurich’s Multinational Insurance Application (Zurich MIA) helps provide greater assurance of the alignment with local insurance regulations and business protocols, making it particularly effective for use in global property programs and global property fronting arrangements
    • Designed for international programs — The Zurich Global Placement Policy can be used as the master policy governing local policies under a centrally managed international program
    • Global service network — The Zurich Global Placement Policy is supported by Zurich’s network serving customers in over 180 countries and territories, including more than 800 experienced risk engineers and over 8,000 claims professionals*.
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    *Zurich Canada is part of a leading multi-line insurance provider with a global network of subsidiaries and offices in North America and Europe as well as in Asia Pacific, Latin America and other markets.
  • Zurich Multinational Insurance Application (MIA)
    Get a continuously updated view of the evolving insurance and premium tax laws and regulations in countries where you do business with the award-winning Zurich Multinational Insurance Application (Zurich MIA)*. Zurich MIA helps to safeguard foreign insurance solutions and to ensure that your business’s global interests are protected.

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    *2012 Business Insurance Innovation Award

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