Property solutions for mid-sized businesses

Zurich helps protect the things that make our mid-sized customers’ businesses work — buildings, equipment, stock, supplies and more — with tailored property insurance solutions backed by a global network of experienced risk services and claims professionals. Zurich offers flexibility, capacity and services that address some of the most complex property insurance challenges for domestic and global mid-sized businesses in a variety of industries.

Why Zurich?

Based on the needs of your mid-sized business, Zurich offers policies which can be easily customized to address your coverage limit and deductibles.

Commercial property solutions

  • Zurich Protect ®
    Zurich Protect® is a suite of commercial policy wordings designed to give you a competitive edge through coverages that are tailored to your mid-sized business. Zurich Protect® combines the following coverages into a single, streamlined policy:

    • Property
    • Business interruption
    • Equipment breakdown
    • Production machinery
    • Crime
    • Inland marine

    Zurich Protect® also offers coverages specific to real estate, technology, manufacturing, public sector, construction and international. In addition, Zurich Protect® offers general liability coverage.
  • Real estate
    Zurich’s property insurance options help guard against the unique risks of your commercial real estate business by allowing you to expand your coverage beyond the traditional limits. Features include:

    • Zurich Protect® – offers a suite of commercial policy wordings that features an easily-customizable modular format to address the needs of small to mid-sized real estate businesses. It also offers optional property extensions including business income loss, bylaws and demolition, and debris removal coverage.
    • Real Estate Advantage – an endorsement that goes beyond traditional property coverage, to offer property owners many additional options including tenant relocation and replacement expense coverage, crisis event management, and emergency evacuation expense coverage.
    • BetterGreen™ – designed for customers that are or are in the process of becoming “green” compliant. It gives customers the option to upgrade property without tying those upgrades to a “green” certification level. 
    • Contingent Building Insurance – covers payments for loss or damage to property in the event a tenant - contractually obligated by lease to carry insurance - failed to obtain it, cancelled it or had insufficient limits of insurance. 

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  • Manufacturing
    Staying competitive in the manufacturing industry means investments in technology, equipment and processes—all of which require substantial capital investment. Increase production and sustain growth with confidence by protecting your business’s assets. Features include:

    • Zurich Protect® – offers coverages that can be tailored to our manufacturing customers’ needs, including equipment breakdown, production machinery and physical loss or damage to goods in transit.
    • Manufacturing Advantage – Zurich’s customized insurance solution for manufacturers, designed specifically to enhance our base Zurich Protect® coverage. It offers customizable property coverage extensions for specific manufacturing and processing risks, including delayed business income, fluctuating raw stock values and precious stones, alloys or metals.
    • Zurich’s supply chain coverage – designed to protect mid-sized and large customer organizations from a loss of output or gross profit. Whether it’s supplier insolvency, transport failures, production recalls or physical damage, Zurich offers coverage that extends through various levels of the supply chain.

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  • Technology
    Zurich’s dedicated technology team understands current industry trends and emerging risks, and can develop a seamless insurance solution tailored to your needs. Zurich Protect®, our proprietary property form for mid-sized companies, combines property, general liability, business interruption, equipment breakdown, production machinery, and crime coverage into a single, streamlined policy. It also provides technology-specific endorsements that cover risks such as business interruption resulting from cloud service providers, damage to data and research and reconstruction costs.

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  • Public sector
    Zurich offers Public Sector property solutions that are tailored to your exposures and will help you get back to business quickly and protect your community. We offer coverage for:

    • Hacking event or computer virus attack
    • Decontamination expense
    • Blanket by-laws, increased cost of construction
    • Land improvements
    • Master key replacement
    • Proof of loss/claims preparation cost (professional fees)
    • Valuable papers and records

    Zurich offers additional property coverages including:

    • Builders risk maximum $5 million
    • Equipment breakdown
    • Optional integrated equipment breakdown coverage — combined property and equipment breakdown deductibles
    • Included coverage for emergency generators, A/C systems, boiler and pressure vessels, pumps and compressors, transformers and stationary electrical equipment

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  • Construction
    From acquiring to transporting to completing your project, ensure your materials and equipment are protected. Your investment in these elements is essential for your project. Other than your projects, making sure those premises or properties instrumental to your operations are covered is crucial. Zurich offers property solutions that allow our construction industry specialists to design coverage around your business’s specific exposures. Zurich offers solutions such as:

    • Builders Risk – covers damage to property under construction, materials used in the course of construction, and delay in completion. Coverage options are available for a Master Builders Risk (MBR) program, designed to cover a customer’s project portfolio and Project Builders Risk (PBR), designed to cover a single construction project.
    • Zurich Protect® – our proprietary property policy, which features 35 of the most commonly requested extensions including: crime, equipment breakdown, business interruption and general liability coverages. 
    • Civil works – helps protect against the many risks facing operational civil works — both public and private. Our solutions cover direct physical loss, including loss of revenue and other risk-specific coverages such as floods and earthquakes.

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  • International
    Zurich helps you protect the things that make your business work with tailored property insurance solutions backed by a global network of experienced risk services and claims professionals serving customers in more than 200 countries and territories. Whatever your organization’s size, location or industry, Zurich offers flexibility, capacity and services that address some of the most complex property insurance challenges.

    Our mid-sized international property policy uses the same base wording as our domestic property forms, so it's easy for you to understand what's covered. It offers the following features:

    • Worldwide territory
    • Difference in Conditions/Difference in Limits
    • Freedom of Service (European Union/European Economic Area)
    • Three additional property extensions:
      • Tax Liability
      • Coinsurance Deficiency
      • Tenants’ and Neighbours’ Liability

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