Mid-sized multinational businesses

It’s hard to join the global marketplace without support. Zurich’s centrally managed policies can be a valuable resource to help control risk.

Why Zurich?

Zurich’s global network is among the largest in the industry, covering more than 200 countries and territories. As a market leader in providing solutions to global customers, using award winning tools such as Zurich Multinational Insurance Application (Zurich MIA) and My Zurich, we have a team of experienced international underwriters dedicated to the mid-sized customer. They work closely with domestic underwriters to design a controlled master program to meet customer needs, both here in Canada and globally. Zurich has the reach and strength to help protect our customers’ businesses from risks around the world while offering consistent, high-level service.

Solutions for mid-sized multinational businesses

  • Zurich Protect-Envoy™
    Zurich’s controlled master policy program – Zurich Protect-Envoy™ – is designed to help mid-sized businesses operate with the reassurance of consistent insurance coverage and grow more confidently in international markets. Using the same base wording as our domestic forms, Zurich Protect-Envoy™ makes it easy for customers to understand exactly what is covered. The policy helps to reduce the risk of both overlaps and gaps in coverage. It provides coverage for Differences in policy Conditions and Limits (DIC and DIL) with local policies issued internationally to ensure consistent standards of protection and service wherever business is conducted.

    Zurich Protect-Envoy™ offers expanded coverages in:

    • Property 
    • General liability
    Along with optional extensions for:

    • Foreign voluntary workers' compensation
    • Excess auto

    As an additional option, our products, including environmental liability, errors and omissions, and crime coverage, can enhance our customer’s international program by providing protection for emerging, volatile and potentially catastrophic international risks.

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  • Property
    Your property – buildings, equipment, stock, supplies and more – is what makes your business operate and create value. Zurich helps you protect the things that make your business work with tailored property insurance solutions backed by a global network of experienced risk services and claims professionals serving customers in more than 200 countries and territories. Whatever your organization’s size, location or industry, Zurich offers flexibility, capacity and services that address some of the most complex property insurance challenges.

    Our mid-sized international property policy uses the same base wording as our domestic property forms, so it's easy for you to understand what's covered. It offers the following features:

    • Worldwide territory
    • Difference in Conditions/Difference in Limits
    • Freedom of Service (European Union/European Economic Area)
    • Three additional property extensions:
      • Tax Liability
      • Coinsurance Deficiency
      • Tenants’ and Neighbours’ Liability
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  • General liability
    With extensive experience in the global marketplace and a dedicated team of international underwriters, we provide casualty insurance solutions essential for your international needs, including general liability, umbrella, commercial automobile, foreign voluntary workers’ compensation and many others.

    At Zurich, our international program provides a single, consistent, multinational solution to answer property and casualty exposures in more than 200 countries and territories, with:

    • A single master policy, written in Canada, and supported by locally issued policies
    • A leading global network of underwriting, risk managers and claims professionals who deliver the services you need, everywhere you need them
    • A leading-edge global data network that connects all Zurich operations worldwide and helps provide consistent, efficient service
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  • Foreign voluntary workers’ compensation
    Managing a global workers' compensation exposure is one of the most challenging risks to manage. It's heavily regulated, varies by region and country, cumbersome to administrate and can greatly impact your company's operations, productivity and profitability. Following work related injuries, help get your foreign-assigned employees back on the job quickly and safely with the Zurich solution.

    Our foreign voluntary workers’ compensation insurance includes coverage for:

    • Employers’ liability (primary except when country is excluded or when local compulsory insurance/other insurance applies)
    • Relocation and repatriation expenses paid or reimbursed
    • Medical expenses for endemic diseases
  • Excess auto
    Zurich’s international excess automobile policy provides excess liability coverage for foreign-based hired, owned or non-owned vehicles that are procured by travelling employees or for company vehicles located abroad. The coverage is excess over any statutory local admitted coverage, and is used to supplement what is required locally in-country, with the standard limits clients are accustomed to on their domestic cover.

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  • Risk Services
    Develop risk management strategies and solutions in various parts of the world in which your business operates. Our global network includes more than 900 dedicated risk professionals in 40 countries. Zurich brings risk-services expertise by sourcing specialists from the industries they serve, so they are adept at assessing how to deliver results for your business.

    Zurich additionally offers support from sophisticated risk management apps that give you critical risk management advice, reporting, benchmarking and other current insights.

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